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Our vegan cake shop is situated in small and beautiful town Bremgarten 20 km from Zurich.

We are the first vegan dessert shop in Switzerland, wich has such a big variety of really healthy and delicious dairy- free desserts, raw cakes, superfoods and snacks. All our products we produce by ourselves and we guarantee, that you will get really high quality and useful products, wich will have amazing taste.

The most popular our desserts are vegan cakes. Mostly all cakes are raw and gluten- free. And all of them are dairy- free, refined sugar free.
We don't use any food colorings, chemicals. We use raw, unprocessed, healthy ingredients to create our raw cakes.
If you choose raw cake instead regular dairy cake, you can be calm about your health and shape.
The main ingredients we use fo make our raw vegan cakes are: fruits, nuts, dried fruits, seeds, non- dairy milk etc. So, you can be sure, that eating our raw cakes, you will get a plenty of vitamins. Also we have nut- free options if you have allergy or don't like nuts.

Besides cakes, we have another vegan dessrets: cookies, mousse desserts, raw chocolate, candies ...We are sure that every vegan will find something for his taste.
We also have many superfoods in our shop. Why it's superfood? Because it's food wich will give you energy. You can eat superfoods instead of regular meal or as a snack, and you will feel great.

So, if you live in Switzerland, you are vegan or enjoy healthy lifestyle, you can get tasty desserts from Vegan JOY.

Raw vegan cakes, desserts, superfoods and snacks:




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