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Chocolate- coconut cake

code bvc-007

Vegan chocolate sponge with coconut whipped cream

Store cake for 48 hours in fridge or for 1 month in freezer.
Cake decoration can be different from what you see on the photo.

• Small (for 7-8 people) -- 53 CHF ....

• Medium (for 10-12 people) -- 85 CHF ....

• Large (for 18-20 people) -- 180 CHF ....

• Use gluten free flour -- 7 CHF ....

• Make it sugar-free -- 7 CHF ....


Allergens and important information!

● Contain gluten , wheat (you can choose gluten free flour).
● Allergens: may contain wheat, chocolate, nuts, oats, coconut, cacao, different kind fruits and berries, agar, soy, raps oil, corn, cereals, citrus, coffee, peanuts and all kind of nuts.

If you have any food allergy or intolerance, please, inform us. In that case we will change some cake ingredients if it will be possible. Also we can offer you nut- free cake option.
If you need ingredients list, feel free to ask and we will send it to your email.
Cakes produced in same kitchen where products, which contain milk and eggs are produced, so the cakes may contain traces of milk products and eggs.




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